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Grietas de la Percepción

by The Glacial Drift

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Je vous aurais bien dit pourquoi il faut à tout prix découvrir ce groupe, mais là, tout de suite, je n'ai pas le temps...Je suis parti à réfléchir sur la place que va occuper cet album dans mes recherches sur la métaphysique transcendantale. à plus ! Favorite track: Made Up Beliefs.
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Getting deeper inside the cracks of the mind...
..exploring it's disorders, diseases and syndromes!


released July 20, 2011

The Glacial Drift ::
Hilde Clark-Snustad (vocals and synths)
Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa (bass, electric and acoustic guitars, synths, sampling and sound manipulation)

Production, Music, Lyrics & Arrangements ::
The Glacial Drift

Visual Art, Design, Recording, Mixing & Mastering ::
Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa

Music in "Paranoide de la Personalidad" ::
The Glacial Drift & Jonathan Andrade

Vuelo Eterno - July 2011


all rights reserved



The Glacial Drift Seattle, Washington

The Glacial Drift is a conceptual art band based in Seattle that mixes elements of progressive rock, experimental, psychedelic, south american and world music. It was formed in 2009 by Hilde Clark-Snustad (Montana) and Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa (Ecuador). ... more

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Track Name: Source
Track Name: Theatre of the Mind
loss of all visual experiences
dormant agog cells erupt
unanticipated sight
flash of rainbow shapes
facial features all askew
animated characters, even palinopsia

a silent movie in full color
theater of the mind
conceived by the machinery of the brain

others perceive it as insanity..
..deep inside the cranial cavity

the occurrences
interworkings of a complex web
firing of specialized cells
abnormal brain activity
encoding eyes, teeth, cartoons and buildings
little emotional attachment..
..and lack of familiarity
Track Name: Marble Marmalade Mermaid Fantasy
the ocean's in your eyes

vacant desserts lost between..
..ships and the shoreline
clumps of knowledge, understanding
constant movement
coming and going never knowing

a rich paradise of beauty and enlightenment..
..converted into a statue without life..
..when the volcano no longer erupts

waves wash away the memoirs..
..frozen as a sculpture from the water..
..and the insights of the sky

so let the gusts of wind reveal..
..her feet beneath the sand
seven years circle round..
..converting shape into a dream

the ocean's in your eyes..
..never to be understood
Track Name: Afterwar Descent
abnormal reactions to a normal experience
a frequent culprit being extreme trauma
an accelerated adrenaline response
battle, abuse, unpredictable disasters
overly alert and conscious
uncontrollable threats to your life

dream quality of existence
tilting between memory and reality
sporadic fighting, facing flashbacks
avoidance of triggering stimuli
increased arousal, steady fracas mode

isolation as a coping system
where the sting can’t drag you to face your fears
alone at home, blinds shut tight, weeks spent
avoiding the panic of recurring trauma

wanting it all to go away..
..but trapped in the fear and thoughts
repressing who you are and used to be
Track Name: A Strong Driving Force
is sexuality shaped before one's eyelids..
..are stretched open for the first time?
hormones, genes, surroundings, family history
creates an intricate concoction
modifying inter mechanisms..
..and affecting one’s viewpoint..
..on the outward appearance

we say a daughter must amuse herself..
..with dolls and sons with guns
but what happens when the characters are switched?
young children feeling a disconnect between..
..physical form and gender roles.. in a world of confusion and misunderstandings

clashes between reflections..
..of image and internal self
a lad who continuously wants to play wife.. the game of house
who cares for a sweet doll in a pink dress
a lass who plays military battle games
who spends her time in pure aggression

children distant from support and acceptance
what is one to do when they experience..
..a strong driving force?
children distant from support and acceptance
a driving force to be what they are physically not
Track Name: Ilusión
is what we see actuality?..
..or mutations of sensory input?
are decisions made by us..
..or is our subconscious driving our daily acts?

ilusion ilusio-n

conclusions without cognizant thinking..
..subliminally will soon become reality
undersupplied in control
behavior compelled by no conscious state
non conscious state
Track Name: Prior Zealous Functions
jerking travels begin the dance..
..that guides you through life
skin clings to bones, hands over head,
legs bending and stretching

a flip a coin chance of living an ancestor’s experience
rewinding the video and replaying with you in their footsteps
as you reach for a sip, the glass shoots across the table
as you glide over the floor, you pretzel and end up facing south

transversing body from tips
regressing back to the control center.. body takes on a dubious mold
the mind follows as dementia seeps into every crevice
like an avalanche rational faculties tumble

words meant to communicate push further from realism
slurred and broken speech mirrors the cloud..
..that covers prior zealous functions
sounds seep to express but modest clockwork is understood
Track Name: Made Up Beliefs
obsessions, repugnant thoughts, images, impulses
for means of control and mastery
plagued by the innermost thoughts..
..with acknowledgement of irregular activities
crooked and cracked they are among all of us
born serotonin teeter totters

made up beliefs rule procedures

a marionette’s life rendered by puppet master of fixations
compulsions manifest to ease the fascination
wake up test it 3 times, not two, always 3
the meticulous patterns can’t be broken

a continuous might that breaks the psyche..
..of those called individuals

can anything be done?
the anxiety must be smothered
Track Name: Raynaud's Heliotrope Grasp
Track Name: Janus
swinging from the pendulum from north to west
energy that fails to cease
wrenching shift in who you are across roy to biv

never knowing the next day who you will be
stability shakes, shakes and crumbles
time means nothing without the motivation to do

beings appear and disappear
voices whisper in the wind
phantoms and catalyses.. your unforeseen actions

time passes as you lie in bed
smoke rises as you sink deeper
flipping through your mind numbers
Track Name: Paranoide de la Personalidad
they are walking all around you
they are conspiring against you
it is watching you
it is following you
the feeling never ends
engulfing all other thoughts
you hear them coming..
..but you know that you’ll be prepared when they arrive

your head swivels..
..constantly checking your existing surroundings
chasing your thoughts,
trying to catch and smother them
danger lurks around every turn..
..and around every bend in your mind..
..creeps anxious thoughts

is there anyone you can trust..
..when mistrust and suspicion power social dealings?
life’s an unvariable guessing game
your mind never rests from pondering,
questioning unreal predictions..
..for the future - distant and near

and nobody grasps the world like you