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The Integration of the Persistence of Memory

by The Glacial Drift

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A 20 track true experimental futuristic voyage!
Metaphoric - Sentimental - Psychedelic - Surrealist


released April 7, 2013

All Music, Lyric & Arrangements
by The Glacial Drift ::
Hilde Clark-Snustad (vocals and synths)
Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa (acoustic and
electric guitars,bass, synths, sampling,
sound manipulation, harp, saxophone and vocals)

Edition Support ::
Hilde Clark-Snustad

Art Direction, Artwork & Design,
Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering ::
Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa

Recorded @ Estudios Vuelo Eterno :: Valle de los Chillos - Ecuador
Mixed and Mastered @ Vuelo Eterno Studios :: Clancy, MT - USA

©Vuelo Eterno 2013



all rights reserved


The Glacial Drift Seattle, Washington

The Glacial Drift is a conceptual art band based in Seattle that mixes elements of progressive rock, experimental, psychedelic, south american and world music. It was formed in 2009 by Hilde Clark-Snustad (Montana) and Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa (Ecuador). ... more

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Track Name: Rotoscoped Waking Dreams
tiles falling from the sky - dodging them as they fall - naked and running for our lives to the stage for all eyes to see - only way to stay here - only way to carry on
Track Name: Three Portals
Satan’s sphere - guiding my fear - opening portals - waking up a trillion years away from here - breath this sulfuric atmosphere while the heat burns my skin
Track Name: Schlagfluss
spoons click - feet stomp - the flapping of hummingbird wings - it’s all trapped in my mind with no door to scape from - click stomp clap flip stomp flap
Track Name: Depresión Cortical Propagada
bubbles in my ears - worms eating my heart - bullets to my head - migraine - bring the metallic claw to me to take Loki away
Track Name: Anin et Ylil
el cisne vuela a mi alrededor acompañando mi travesía hacia el resplandor - sus plumas blancas se extirparán con cada paso, soplo de viento y último aliento - cuando veo directamente a sus ojos siento al buitre esperando mi muerte
Track Name: No Dejes Que Me Evapore
mis dedos se caen - mis brazos se rompen - mis piernas se queman - mis labios se congelan - me derrito - guárdame en un frasco para no evaporarme y dejar de existir
Track Name: San Francisco de Quito
from all I’ve lived was born this feeling - is this a life or am I dreaming? - now that I’ve grown, I have opinions - and it is you who kills me every time I talk - this air is so thick, filled with uncomfortability - ill do the same now, pretend that everybody is dead
Track Name: The Dark Descent
déjame tomarte un foto para no olvidarte - ya es muy tarde, ya no se quien eres - quién soy yo? - qué es esto que sale de mi boca? - son palabras - qué son las palabras? - nnnnn - nnnnn - nnnnn - nnnnn
Track Name: A Journey to Saturn
quiero verte despertar! - quiero verte despertar! - uuuuuu
Track Name: Nurnxibalbaxen
tower of the great eye - watching every step of mine - old tree with the secret of eternal live while I die - give me the password to enter the spider's lair
Track Name: La Única Verdad (I am GOD)
voy a despertar en aquel lugar - sé que no es real - es un sueño nada más - pero lo entiendo totalmente y no me quiero ir - puedo hacer levitar objetos soy Dios - no quiero volver a la realidad - aquí soy la única verdad
Track Name: The Hummingbird (I. A butterfly II. Two flowers III. The tree)
the hummingbird is humming - the creature’s party has begun - the butterfly is flattering out from the hiding into the light - delight - the bird chirps the sun back to life - the day all a new - the skyline and you - the trouble, the play, the fight - the players of truth - the black and the blue - the now and the how it could have been

the wine flows from the flower

deep roots connecting a network of trees - ever united and strengthening - zap runs through her veins
Track Name: Algoritmo 5.1
sácame de aquí!
Track Name: Cayendo Hacia el Espacio
la creatividad de mi subconsciencia se esparce como la luz en la distancia - frazadas bloquean todo lo que esta allá afuera - estoy en mi mundo lejos de todo - nubes donde puedo reposar - mar azul sobre mi cuerpo de espacio e inmensidad