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Minamata, Humamoto

from by The Glacial Drift



smoke billows up, the smoke stakes and stretches out - the relics of growth and consumerism now - trickle - drizzle - plop - the sea drinks up prosperity aftermath - babies enter world already suffering effects of heavy metals

clouds seafloor, awaits silently - seeps under the skin and remains hidden - lancing spear to pierce seemingly pristine waters - bottom dwellers captured for livelihood - trickle - drizzle - plop

babies enter world already suffering effects of heavy metals - weighing on the live of Japan - served daily to village and pets, felines initiate twitch and stagger - soon town feels the act of ingestion - paralyzed, trembling, numb

runoff and treatment neglected - mass production, massive clean up - fertilizers to help them grow up - end up stunting them fruitless - balance and motion - shaking and convulsion - can’t be stopped till the heart gives in - till the heart and mind retire


from Hekatombre, released January 6, 2014


all rights reserved



The Glacial Drift Seattle, Washington

The Glacial Drift is a conceptual art band based in Seattle that mixes elements of progressive rock, experimental, psychedelic, south american and world music. It was formed in 2009 by Hilde Clark-Snustad (Montana) and Xavier Alejandro Reyes-Ochoa (Ecuador). ... more

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